CBD Rail link review provides greater transparency to Auckland

The review of the business case for the CBD Rail Link is positive in that it provides greater transparency regarding the potential benefits and costs of this project. We need to know accurately what benefits the CBD rail loop will bring before committing tax and ratepayer money to the project.

It is clear that unfortunately the Auckland Council’s first business case had significantly¬†overestimated the benefits and impact on traffic volumes of this project.

However, while there is more work to be done, I personally believe this project will happen in the future and I am delighted that Government has supported the need for the Auckland Council to move to protect the route for the future.

I will be advocating that the Auckland Council initiate the Notice of Requirement process as soon as possible. I am keen to support the Auckland Council in their consultation with constituents and businesses potentially affected by the route.

I am keen to work with the Mayor and the Minister of Transport to further determine the full future transport needs of central Auckland. I support, as does the Government, the development of a robust multi-modal plan for future transport into the CBD, which includes a thorough analysis of all the alternative modes to transport.


Photo attribution: kiwikeith.

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